Academy CAPÁ

Our destinations and activities

Academy Capá - is an organization that promotes the development of martial arts and popularizes sports.

In our academy you and your children will immerse yourself in an interesting and diverse world of new experiences !!! You will get a good mood, improve the comprehensive development of your talents, greatly improve your physical possibilities, and open up new opportunities and horizons.

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Our coaches

The trainers of the academy have successfully passed many international seminars and get certifications, have appropriate long-term experience with students of different age groups. They are winners and prizewinners of many competitions, are recognized world community of sport masters in different disciplines.

Our clients show high results and achieve their goals. There is also a generation of students who became the instructors of the Academy and continue to prepare new generations of healthy and good athletes.

Useful Information

Our concept:

  • Convenient location
  • Loyal prices
  • Experienced coaches
  • Spacious halls and locker rooms
  • Comfortable modern reception with additional services

At the entrance of academy you will be meeted by friendly staff. Here you can get all the necessary information, order test lesson or get a consultation, arrange a subscription, comfortably spend time with a cup of sweet coffee in anticipation of your friends and relatives from the lessons.

Students must be aged at least from five years and without contraindications to sports.

Schedule: Mon-Sat, from 0800 until 2200.