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Sports trousers of their own sewing quality materials from the Capa Academy.

Capoeira pants 800 ₴
18.4 €
20 $
Купити Capoeira pants
Abadi white trousers for capoeira. Made of high quality fabric. Good ...

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Magnet "I LOVE CAPOEIRA" 20 грн.
0.5 €
0.5 $
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A flat souvenir magnet depicting two people practicing Capoeiro, in the ...

Souvenir magnet "BRAZIL" 20 грн.
0.5 €
0.5 $
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One-sided flat souvenir magnet with the inscription "BRAZIL". In the middle ...

CAPA T-shirt 400 грн.
9.2 €
10 $
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Great sport T-shirt in trend design, with side cuts and long back.